Yair Saperstein
Founder and Director

Hi! I'm Yair, and I'm a third year student at Einstein medical school. I like to make music, and I love teaching. My latest projects include tackling the 2014 NYC Marathon with Team Blue Card, and leading the international grass roots education program, START Science.

Yosefa Schoor
Founder and Director

Hey! I'm Sefa, and there are few things I enjoy more than getting my hands dirty and bringing a smile to a child's face. Through TEACH I have discovered a venue whereby I can utilize my passion for science and love of fun to enhance the lives of hundreds of children and families! 

Rachel L. Victor
Executive Director

Hi! I’m Rachel. I am a Senior in college and am currently pursuing a career in medicine. I joined TEACH after attending our first pilot session and being completely inspired by the strength and charm of the children we work with.

Elisa Karp
Director of Operations

Hey! I'm Elisa, a second year student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I enjoy playing volleyball, softball, and most recently, flag football. I also love doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, reading a suspenseful mystery novel, and singing in Einstein's a cappella group - The Lymph Notes.

Andrew Dym 
Director of Activities

Hi, I'm Andrew and I am currently a student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Class of 2017.  I enjoy traveling, snowboarding, and cooking.I hope to continue to be a part of this wonderful initiative as it continues to grow every year. Come out, volunteer with us, and be a part of something great!

Dina Golfeiz
Director of Einstein Division

Hi, I'm Dina, and I am a second year student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I sometimes have more fun than the patients when leading modules and  enjoy working with children of all ages. I spent the past summer conducting clinical research at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore. 

Web Manager

Hey! I'm David, a proud Brooklynite. I'm pursuing my passion - Political Science - at Yeshiva University's Honors Program. Basketball and baseball are my sports, but chess is also a lifelong hobby of mine, Let's play!

Isaac Snyder
Module Manager

Hey! I'm Aryeh, a native of Staten Island. I am a passionate mentor for bullied children with food allergies in my hometown. Cooking, reading and biomedical research are my passions, though I rarely do them all at once.

Chana Ratner
Module Manager

Hello! I am a Junior at Stern College. I enjoy reading novels, playing my favorite tunes on piano and baking chocolate chip cookies. 
Chana is the proud recipient of a grant from The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women which has facilitated a TEACH summer internship experience.

Michael Shavolian
Director of Development

Hello! I am Michael or Mike to some. I study at Yeshiva University's Honors Program where I love forging connections with other students. I also enjoy playing soccer as well as running - a good exercise always hits the spot.

Effie Klipper
Volunteer Manager

Hi! I'm Effie, a resident of New Jersey. I enjoy playing soccer and basketball as well as volunteering at Montefiore Medical Center.  I study at Yeshiva University where upon graduation I intend on pursuing a career in medicine.

Amanda Rubin
Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Amanda!  I’m a native of New Jersey, but I made the trip over the bridge to study biology and art history at Stern College for Women, where I am currently a junior.  In my free time, I can usually be found in a spinning class, curled up with a good book, or making a mess in the kitchen.

Dovid Simpser
Volunteer Coordinator

Hey! I'm Dovid, hailing from Plainview, Long Island. I'm studying Finance in the Sy Syms honors program. Some of my hobbies include reading, usually fiction, and running. I particularly enjoy meeting new people and taking on new challenges.

Yael Steinberg
Module Manager

Hi! I'm Yael and I am from Queens. I'm studying biochemistry and political science at the Honors Program in Stern College. I love reading, playing word games, and hanging out with my friends.

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